Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beauty - Overrated?

Have you ever thought how overrated good looks actually are? I really think that it's too glorified by the media. What's with the beauty search and what not.

It kinda makes you ou look at someone stunning for example, and of course you think, "By George! She's gorgeous!" (Try saying it with an English accent. It's funny:P)and you find yourself envying her like it is the only thing that matters. This is pretty common actually, and of course at one point or another, this happens to me too. I find myself sometimes envying people with beautiful complexion, doe eyes, and full lips (and later rasa really bad for being so shallow).

Of course it is nice to be complimented on how good looking you are, how dewy your skin look, how your eyes sparkles like the stars, how sharp your cheek bones are, how rosy your lips are, but do we really deserve such compliments?

I mean, it's not like we worked on it right? it's not like we burned the midnight oil, to sharpen our cheekbones, or worked hard to make our lips fuller, or we bend over backwards to make our eyes sparkly-er.

Isn't beauty just the case of getting lucky to have the right combination of chromosome traits that some don't? Isn't is just the case of having, what Tyra Banks would say, what ya mama gave ya? And it just so happens that what ya mama gave ya turned out to fit the society's definition of what beauty is.

I still say that what's inside counts more. I really do think so. Being nice, smart, helpful and funny, is still worth a hell lot more than just being pretty and nothing else. Even if @Lord_Voldemort7 thinks otherwise lol.

Here's the link of an excellent article about beauty. Enjoy and be inspired my beauties!


  1. eheheh~ agreed on that! Thank to stereotyping, girls like me have a hard time feeling beautiful. (well, not really. I'm conceited anyways :p)

    but actually, some people DO "burn nidnight oil" to get their "beauty". I mean, they really do need to work their ass off since they had to get money from somewhere to go to gym, hire a trainer, buying supplements, diet pills, plastic surgery, original branded makeups and etc right? hehe.

  2. well, if we're looking for THAT kind of beauty then i suppose some oils need to be burnt.


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