Monday, February 21, 2011

A helping hand.


How's everyone doing? It has really been a while hasn't it? I'm still so flattered looking at my stats that there are still people visiting this blog. I have been so busy with my new job, and the likes, I barely have time to write anymore, hence please forgive my rusty writing skills. lol. I also have some updates on the SKEW project, but i have to hold it until i have more to tell you. hehe.

So, anyway, i was at the immigration office early this morning, to extend my visa. As i was standing on the entrance steps of the immigration office, waiting for the person who usually helps me deal with the procedure of Visa application, I saw a cab pull up in front of me.

From the cab, emerged an old man (I assume American, from his accent), who had to be helped by the taxi driver to climb out of the cab. and analyzing his movement, i can say that he was almost-paralyzed from the hip, down. Seeing that, a couple of people helped the taxi driver to assist the old gentleman to climb out of the cab.

Once he was securely seated on a chair with wheels on it(NOT wheel chair mind you. You know, one of those chairs with wheels under it, like the ones we see in offices), the driver drove off leaving the old man on the side walk.

Astonished, by this, and frankly quite worried about his condition, I walked over to him to offer my help, or to see if he needs anything at all, which i ASSUMED he did, considering his condition.

So, anyway, I stood in front of him, and asked him, "excuse me sir, do you need any help?" ( I kinda realize now, that I probably came across as really rude, talking to him without introducing myself first) he stared at me for a while, so, i repeated myself, "do you need any help?" more slowly, and loudly this time.

He stared at me, and told me "No, I'm waiting for my driver", still concerned for his safety (I mean he WAS left at the side of the road on a chair), i wanted to make sure that he was ok, so I asked again "So, your driver will be coming to get you later?" to which he answered, and THIS sentence will burn at the back of my head for a long time,

"No, you listen here honey, Assalamualaikum (to which i replied Wa'alaikumsalam, kind of ashamed that, being a muslim i did not offer salam first), I served in the Saudi for 7 years, I'm going to be ok. I'm waiting for my driver to park his car, and he will come and get me again"

At this point, I was so ashamed at myself for being, I don't know, conceited(?) for assuming that he needed my sympathy, and needed my help,(he must have hated my youth arrogance for assuming i was stronger than him), that i just quickly made sure AGAIN (degil lagi nih still nak tanya) the he was ok, before scuttling off to the steps i was standing on. He smiled and said "Thank you honey" with a curious expression on his face. (I REALLY wonder what was on his mind. I hope i didn't come across as a presumptuous ass)

Standing on the steps, I mulled over what happened just now.

What is it that makes us want to help somebody else, even though we are not quite sure whether or not that particular person needs it?

And it came to me. We are drawn to helping people in trouble because helping someone does your soul good. It makes you feel liberated in one way or another, and your soul knows that, and that kind of moves you to help other people. Sounds selfish when i put it that way, but I think that is how it is.

So, do yourself a favour, and extend a helping hand (although it may result to humiliation like my case tadi, which i don't regret one bit, because at least, I KNOW he'll be OK). It will do you good.

Salam. :)

p.s: sebab ni la i LOVE old gentlemen. sangat courteous. hehe.

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