Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maysaa, black, white and in between

so, during the holiday, i had a little bit fun shooting. i have always known it, but really seeing it infront of me, really made me see that I really love black. I rarely do colors. For me, i like my clothes the way i like my buidling, minimalist, hence the color black,grey,white, maybe navy and dark purple. (and a little bit of color here and there to stop my friends from nagging, and for me to stop feeling like darth vader. heeehee). so here it is, the outcome of the photo shoot. :)
p.s: and yes, the grey dress, black maxi skirt, and the scarf is from Maysaa.(im kind of obsessed with it. very sleek. kind of like the modest-ified Calvin Klein) :)


  1. haihh.. awak ni cantiklah :)

  2. hihihihi. *gigglegiggle* thanks.

  3. mashaallah looking absolutely gorgeous...alhamdulillah..definitely inspirational..more pics please..;)


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