Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I'm a muslimmah. i have been one since i was 9, however, only have been a real Muslimmah since a year ago. Alhamdulillah, Allah had given me hidayah, and made me see all the hidayah he had given me, which, sadly, i couldn't see before. And from that moment on, i decided to devote myself to Him.

However, as a human being, i slip. a lot. On many occasions, i fail to become a good servant of God as i have always intend myself to be. and on those occasions, and please do not take this as me bragging, i feel very disturbed, like everything was going wrong. and sadly, I ignore that nagging feelings.

However, God loves His servants, more than we can ever imagine. He is the most merciful. He always puts me back on His track. Always. No matter how many times i defy Him, when i seek, He always lets me see, Alhamdulillah. and, when i see the truth, MasyaAllah, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. like something had been lifted off your shoulders, and all you can feel is just bliss, and contentment.

This world has a way of making you see only material goodness, and making you forget that your priority is serving God. Always fight back, and seek for the truth. Seek, and you shall find. InsyaAllah.

Take it from me, it is never too late to repent. God loves those who always cleanse themselves and repent, the most.

Dont believe me? try it for yourself, just cleanse yourself by taking a wudu', and sincerely, ask Him to show you the true way, and just kind of surrender yourself to Him. InsyaAllah, He will let you feel it. and believe me, everything in the world that you sacrifice for that will be worth it. Because, MasyaAllah, nothing can ever make you any happier than the feeling of being close to Allah. :)


  1. jazzakAllahkhair. i love this reminder...LIKE!


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