Wednesday, June 23, 2010



I'm a muslimmah. i have been one since i was 9, however, only have been a real Muslimmah since a year ago. Alhamdulillah, Allah had given me hidayah, and made me see all the hidayah he had given me, which, sadly, i couldn't see before. And from that moment on, i decided to devote myself to Him.

However, as a human being, i slip. a lot. On many occasions, i fail to become a good servant of God as i have always intend myself to be. and on those occasions, and please do not take this as me bragging, i feel very disturbed, like everything was going wrong. and sadly, I ignore that nagging feelings.

However, God loves His servants, more than we can ever imagine. He is the most merciful. He always puts me back on His track. Always. No matter how many times i defy Him, when i seek, He always lets me see, Alhamdulillah. and, when i see the truth, MasyaAllah, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world. like something had been lifted off your shoulders, and all you can feel is just bliss, and contentment.

This world has a way of making you see only material goodness, and making you forget that your priority is serving God. Always fight back, and seek for the truth. Seek, and you shall find. InsyaAllah.

Take it from me, it is never too late to repent. God loves those who always cleanse themselves and repent, the most.

Dont believe me? try it for yourself, just cleanse yourself by taking a wudu', and sincerely, ask Him to show you the true way, and just kind of surrender yourself to Him. InsyaAllah, He will let you feel it. and believe me, everything in the world that you sacrifice for that will be worth it. Because, MasyaAllah, nothing can ever make you any happier than the feeling of being close to Allah. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



Today i will talk about a topic so close to everyone's hearts; plagiarism.

Everyone must have done it AT LEAST once in their lives. Be it copy pasting an assignment, not quoting other people's quotes when using it, copying someone else's concept masa design, and banyak lagi. I only did yang the first one tu a couple of times sebab terpaksa, and will never do so again, because, i know better now, since i have experienced it first hand. banyak kali. -_-

I have had people copying my blog, and putting it on theirs and that said people claimed it to be hers(made her put the post down), i have had people copying my design concept word by word, because i left my 2 page design concept essay lying around in the studio, i have had people copying my quotes, i even had people copying my info on facebook. if you think THAT is weird, think again. Recently, i came across someone on facebook who copied my facebook statusses.

And you know what? and im sure many wont agree to this, it hurt, because no matter how unimportant it is, it is mine.

It hurt because i know, the people who copied my idea/writing/status/info thought of making people think that the said idea/writing/status/info was theirs. that they thought of it themselves, when they did not.

My close friend said "biasa la tu, orang copy orang lain punya status or get it from google and out it in their statusses", but i couldn't understand that because i do not do that! I have too much pride to claim something that is not mine to be mine. When i see some interesting quotes and would like to share it with everyone else, i let people know that it is not mine, and that i did not think of that myself.

And this is just me. Some puny unimportant people whose idea is seriously not worthy of being plagiarized pun. just imagine other brilliant peoples whose ideas senang senang je kena ciplak word by word. Imagine how THEY feel. I yang kena copy stupid statusses pun dah mengamuk tak pasal pasal, imagine their feeling when their ideas yang took them a lifetime to come up with orang lain claimed as theirs.

This is just me venting out my anger on my blog, but people, for the sake of everything that is pure, have some pride in yourselves, and stop claiming things that are not yours to be yours.

Stealing is stealing, regardless of whether what you steal is a physical thing, or ideas.

Now, are YOU a thief?

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