Monday, May 10, 2010

wedding dress

its a slow day to day at the office. oleh itu my mind is allowed to wander kesana sini.

yesterday, i went to my office mate's wedding at Selayang. (congratulations to the newly weds Isa and Aida!). and being an overthinker that i am, the wedding triggered lets-plan-my-wedding gland which releases some hormone which leads my brain to well, plan.

i want a small intimate wedding. one is because well, i wanna get married cepat, so the funding yang dikumpulkan to get married cepat will not suffice for the kind of wedding i have in mind. (think good food[no bukan nasi minyak and ayam merah and sirap whatever.] nak kata aku snobbish? fine katalah), twinkling fairy lights, lots of white roses(jasmine smells lovely, tapi mum kata mcm creepy. so ok. roses sudah) all over the place sampai kalau the guests baik pun they still smell like roses, good goodie bags for the guests. and abanyak lagi. im a very particular person (read: control freak). and a small wedding will allow me to focus on the smallest details. as they say the god is in the details. and reason number 2 is kalau i invite immediate family and close friends, i know the ceremony akan jadi sangat full of love. like "awwwwhh, everybody here loves meee. *bergenang air mata*" kind of atmosphere. that is what i want in my wedding. so say 200-250 people max.

oh me and future husband akan share one ceremony so takde belah laki belah perempuan thing. we're family. there should only be one belah.

so semalam i checked out several possible venues for wedding. hotel ballroom is out of the question. rumah juga out. halls juga out. i want an outdoor wedding. oleh itu haruslah buat malam. kalau tak, nanti i meragam sbb panas. so kalau malam ada tinkling fairy lights, trickling sound of water, lanterns, candles etc. sangat romantic. something like this

and banyak lagi. malas nak cari gambar. yang penting key point adalah:

-dim lights. glittering fairy lights and lanterns. and candles.
-scent of roses
-water feature(jangan hujan sudah)
-slow music. i think i prefer sundanese seruling.
-sit down 4(atau 3 depending on the money we're willing to blow) course dinner. tak payah gerak sana sini. sbb i sgt dont like buffets. kena beratur. hahaha.

ok next. wedding ring. i like rings with flat surface. mungkin something like this will do

tapi mine mcm banyak sangat bling je. ok. so something like that with a toned down bling. (adam is a lucky guy or what?)

pastu the guy's wedding attire. i takmo tux or coats or baju melayu. semak.

high collared like seen above. in white. and slacks. and shiny shoes. :D

my wedding dress is agak tricky. sbb i sgt particular, so tak jumpa anything like it dalam the web. i want to have flowy chiffon empire waist dress yang dia punya train meleret tak hengat. with flowy sleevs.

something Victorian-cut like the above would be nice. tapi made of materials as seen below.

pastu this is how i would wanna look like on my wedding day.

fresh faced, rosy cheeked bride.

TAPI sebab my eyes tak blue and my bone structer tak sharp, and my skin complexion is just horrid, id prolly cover up all my flaws guna make up and look like this.(u know, minus the high cheek bone, sharp eyes, and all-in-all kelawaan)

all smokey eyed, false shading and fake lashes. hahahah.

but this is like still soo far in the future.

for now im stuck in the fluorescent lit office. letting my mind wander.


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