Thursday, May 27, 2010

feeling grateful

i was supposed to write about being humble, but since i feel so strongly about this issue, im writing about this instead.

It is payday today, and as a junior architect, im being paid nuts. and yet I'm still so happy about it, and it got me thinking, will i still be feeling the same way about the same amount of money when I'm earning, say, ten times the amount that i do now?

Do you remember when you were smaller, and RM 10 seemed like a LOT, and now it just doesn't seem like a big deal anymore? (my currency, wasn't in RM tapi alah.. sama je) and fair enough, the value of money changes through time, but still, the principle is the same, once you are able to have more than what you have before, you lose a little of that sense of gratefulness of the smaller amount you used to have.

Say, u get paid 2k every month and you feel like the king of the world on pay day, but fast forward to 10 years later, when you are earning about 20k per month, 2k may seem like pennies(bukan penis. ha-ha. funny.), while for some,mungkin 2k is what they need to make ends meet and to survive at all.

malah ada yang for some, it is a luxury to even be getting 1k per month(bukan spoiled brat yang the allowances RM 700 per month, who thinks that it's not enough and say "yeah 1k is a luxury" ye. think homeless people, people living in slums, beggars and so on)

and so the revelation of the day is "be grateful that u don't have a lot, because when u don't have a lot, u will be grateful of every little thing u have". because if you have a lot, chances are, you will forget how precious the smallest things are. and once you stopped feeling grateful, nothing is ever enough.

So, people, do not ever lose that sense of gratefulness of the smallest things you have, because there are probably other people looking at you thinking of how good you have got it while you are too busy being sad about all the thing you don't have.


  1. People never feel satisfied..when they get some, they want more..itu yg muncul all those MLM,piramid giza and tah ape2 fulfill their 'wants', not their basic 'needs'..

    harta=Qarun yang punya..kejar harta= kejar Qarun, ape dapat?

    -lari topik sikit, tapi ade la point2 sket-

  2. hehe...setuju!bersyukurlah dengan ape yang kita perolehi.kejar harta,lama2 harta habis...kejarlah ilmu,kerana ilmu tak akan habis...(pandaila aku cakap,haha~)

  3. "be grateful that u don't have a lot, because when u don't have a lot, u will be grateful of every little thing u have"....*100% agree with you ska*

    its not about consumerism, its all about living...

  4. Jawe bengong!! piramid giza. lol

    and its not just harta. but everything. makes me realize that im not grateful enough for the opportunities given


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