Sunday, May 9, 2010

bare brick wall.

attaching JPEG file of my room layout design(im designing my own room. i wont even pretend that i dont think its cool. *super wide annoying grin*) to mum as im typing this.


timber strips floor finishes and barebrick wall. ahhh. cant wait to see how it turns out like. im super excited.


i went to the site (heehee, i just called my house yang tengah di construct "site") and the plastering is amazing. so smooth i almost felt like licking it.(i know im weird. the other day, soon after i hang up on my bf after yet another whining and bawling session with him, i look at my BB and felt like licking it because it was so tear drenched that i wonder whether my phone had turned salty. gross kan? haha.)

now im tempted to leave it as is. it almost look like bare concrete wall. timber strip and concrete wall finishes. super minimalism.


oh boy, oh boy, would you look at that. dont u just want that in your bedroom with some pop art pieces hanging on it? dont u? dont uuuu?? or maybe black and white photos of buildings hanging asymmetrically.

and then look at this one.

it feels very loft-y.and cosy. like when it is raining outside in the morning and you are all warm and snuggled up under your comforter, listening to the sound of rain, and breathing in the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

oh man. this is going to be tough.


  1. ok....ska,i am dream of this....years ago...

    using raw material,honest isn't it?hehe...


  2. kan? seriously, tak tau nak choose which one. i dah check sliced brick punya supplier. kat Johor. i rasa it is more minimalist kalau i leave it as is.

    mcm bare concrete finishes. tak payah nak transport the sliced brick all the way from Johor. baru la green. hahaha.

  3. kbnyakan engr brick pun dah cantik.then ade stgh2 tu they sprayed lacquer bg nmpak bekilat. polished screed pun cantik. mcm bwh jambatan:).

    tak silap aku ade satu umah kat ampang(not sure where),reno under CODA. face brick. dgr crita bos aku(bestfren en.wan)mcm best...beria2 dia kate cantik...huhu~


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