Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the age old question, what is beauty?

i was watching Oprah the other day, and the topic of the day was beauty and it touched on the subject of plastic surgery.

i don't mean to be judgmental in any way, but the length to which people would go to look beautiful is just astonishing.

people would actually go through gruesome procedures to grow an inch and a half taller(yes, you can grow taller by plastic surgery). if it were done for medical conditions, i can totally understand, but being the squeamish chicken that i am, risky operations (and i saw the operations, trust me, it was scary) is a pretty high price (bukan literally. oh well literally la jugak) to pay to just look pretty(kalau u lose ur ability to walk all together sia sia je), tapi to each their own la kan.

and by the way, at which point do you stop? when you're perfect, and you dont look like you anymore? tapi it is never perfect isnt it? because once u r not happy with yourself, there is always that one thing yang u wish to change about yourself. "my eyes could be bigger,smaller,more oval,more slanted upwards, rounder", "my waist could be smaller" "my legs could be leaner, longer, smoother," "my toenails could be more square, pinker, rounder" and it will never stop.

and this got me thinking. what are people basing their surgeries on? whose idea of "beauty" is it yang they follow? and if there is any general definition of beauty at all. or is it just mass media feeding us ideas of what THEY think as beautiful, and we follow?

and anyway, why the hell is it so shallow anyway? i do ask myself sometimes of what makes a person beautiful and you know what? i answer, people with translucent skin, doe eyes, high cheekbone, and thick flowy hair. see how shallow i am? it is people like me who causes people like them to drive themselves to feel they dont look good enough and that they need plastic surgery.

is beauty just a physical feature after all? or is it skin deep? and if it is skin deep, you know,inner beauty kind of thing, then why is it only good looking (again, what is the definition of good looking? and what makes us think that a certain feature looks good?) people yang labelled as beautiful?

is it just maths after all? you know the old theory that says, the more symmetrical your facial features are, the more beautiful you are?

is it chemistry? mungkin these people we think beautiful, release some sort of chemical to the air, and attract us to them?

do we have a general understanding of what is beautiful which everybody agree on? or does it differ according to culture, and way of life?

what is it? what is the definition of beauty?

what is your definition of beauty? tell me.

no, tell me, seriously.

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