Friday, April 30, 2010

shame on me.

so i hacked into mr boyfriend's YM (tapi since he told me his password, its not called hacking i suppose) because im just bored and all in all a psychotic person.

his friend's list is divided into several categories named "friends" "family" "UiTM" and so on..

i dont know why but i looked for my own name in his friend's list in "friends" category.(bukan cari chat history. see im not that psychotic after all). so i scrolled up and down his "friends" category, and couldnt find my name.

i was baffled. mana nama aku weyh? dah padam ke apa?(siap dah marah segala bagai masa ni)

so i clicked all his cathegories frantically, looking for my own name.

and there in the "family" category is my name along with his siblings.


and ashamed of myself, i hung my head low.

Dear sayang,

Im sorry T_T. I love u.

your psychotic neurotic girlfriend.

i'll just put that dunce hat and go stand in the corner.


  1. comelnyaaaaaa~

    (i'm pretending i don't personally know adam & how he is when he's arnd his guy frens. haha)

  2. how am i around my guy friends??? (o_O')?

  3. hahaha... shame on you indeed.

    Don't trouble trouble or trouble will trouble you...


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