Thursday, April 22, 2010

of religion, race and nationality.

so me and Mr boyfriend (thanks for the post btw sayang, i was practically bawling at the office. ;) ) was discussing the happenings at his University. His society handled this gig at his university, and it was open to all, Malaysian or not. and the venue of the said gig just happen to be next to a bar.

and all hell broke loose.

there was another society claiming that the organizers of the gig provided alcohol during the event(which is not the case), and although the organizers of the gig had denied it, the society refused point blank to accept all the reasoning.

they came up with an open blog (which just about anyone and everyone with a modem has an access to) urging people to sign a petition that the malaysian student society come up with a strict regulation to prevent Alcoholic Consumption and Improper Social Behaviours (by this they mean making out, i suppose?)at Malaysian Events.

the niat is all and very well, but in MY opinion, i think instead of menyeru ke arah kebaikan, what they do is enforcing everyone to do what THEY think is the right thing to do(their method is rather questionable, because according to mr boyfriend, it borders on slanders, tapi takde kena mengena with me, so whatever la kan).

you see, what they keep on saying is that there shouldnt be any alcohol consumption and indecent behavior at MALAYSIAN event.

i know that it is Haram to consume alcohol in Islam, but, religion, race and nationality is just 3 different, DIFFERENT things. so what does it matter kalau there is a bar next to the venue of the event?

Plus, i think Islam is more than that. it is more than "Alcohol haram. you cant hold a gig next to a bar. u cant do this, u cant do that. u will go to hell". honestly, who are we to say that? we are just a lowly human. a servant of God. we know nothing, while God knows all.

and for me, whatever you do, it is REALLY between you and god. and so why insist on treating other people like they are a bunch of kindergarten kids? like people cant think of themselves. like this scenario for example;

*kindergarten kid eats glue*
Teacher: "you cant do that! you will get sick!"
*takes a way the glue*

this leaves no chance for the kid to think and ponder why the glue is bad for them, and why they cant eat glue. and what the kid does is following order around blindly.

please, this is NOT Islam, people. Islam is the most beautiful religion (not culture, not teachings, not rules, order, law or regulations that you follow blindly) there is. It is very open. It is very peaceful(despite the fact that its understanding has been distorted grotesquely, fact still remains, it is a peaceful religion). It is full of ponderings, and stepping back and thinking. there is NO enforcement in Islam. you serve God because you want to, not because you are forced to, or because other people tells you to. it is as simple as that.

Now, this is just a cent of my thoughts. do not trust me blindly. This is how God allows me to understand the matter and perhaps, God allows you to understand it differently(plus im rather incoherent, and so this might cause a severe misunderstanding) .

Step back, think, and ponder :)


  1. If only more people thought like this. Sad ain't it that such beauty (Islam) is tarnished by silliness. When you try to understand certain things by asking questions then you are questioning God... only in Boleh-land...

  2. i know right? -_-. people can be very judgmental over here. and the non judgmental people either takut of the judgments or affected by it and jadi judgmental juga.

    and so, the beauty of Islam is lost. sad.


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