Thursday, April 15, 2010

from my facebook notes: story of peace

this is a story of peace.

when i was in Jogja, i saw something, a brief something that moved me until today. this is a story of how a simple kind gesture can change the world.

it was Eid Mubarak, and me and my family were performing our solat Eid at Alun alun - a local tourist spot. having finished our prayer, me, my mother n my sister waited for our father n brother. and thats when i saw them. a group of Caucasian tourists - by their language i'd guess they're from Dutch - just standing there(well, the alun alun IS a local tourist spot) observing the going ons.

and considering the Islam-is-a-terrorist-religion thoughts spread world wide,i just had to wonder what they were feeling right then. but if they were mortified to see so many Muslim in one place, well, they hid it well.

so anyway, after the prayer people were pouring out of the praying area left right and centre. everybody seemed so keen to get on with the Hari Raya agenda.

Then one man came.

He looks about 40,in his late 40s perhaps. He crossed the raging crowd(which wasnt an easy feat) to get to the group of tourists.and proving my assumptions earlier right, the group of tourists seemed rather anxious to see him coming.

and then it happened.

he took their hands in his, one by one, shook them, and with a smile on his face said to them "minal aidin wal faizin" - which means(to those yang tak faham bahasa arab, including me. i looked it up) "[May you be] among [those who] have happy returns". the group looked so taken aback for a moment, but after a fraction of a second, their faces lit up, and they returned the gesture.

ladies and gentlemen. this is how a prejudice is killed. kind gesture. and with God's will, these tourists may be the ones defending Islam when lies are spread about It. they will be like "mana ada Islam jahat. haritu kitorang jumpa orang Islam..diorang OK je..siap salam salam lagi.." (well,that in Deutsch). and the peoples who heard that will, with God's will, spread it to other people, who would spread it to other people.

This is also, how we can change the world. a third party (me) yang saw the gesture, was deeply moved by it, and what im doing now is passing the thoughts on to you. i only have this to add; as Martin Luther King.Jr had excellently quoted; "..hatred can't drive out hatred, only love can do that..", it only takes a kind gesture, and a little bit of love from each and everyone of us, to change the world.

so ladies and gentlemen, act on it, or ignore it.

better world or otherwise.

its your call.


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