Monday, April 12, 2010


The movie Coming to America was on at HBO the other day, and I have seen it once before, and it still cracks me up the second time around.

Well anyway, there was this scene where the prince was pretending to be a pauper and had to work at a Mc Dowell fast food restaurant, mopping floor and throwing out garbage and whatnot. And there was this white guy bragging to him that he had done his dues in mopping floor and had moved on to flipping burger patties, and will soon move on to cabbage duties, and at the pace he was going, he will soon become the manager of the restaurant.

And the said guy comforted the prince in disguise that everyone has got to start from the bottom, and that the time will come when he will get the chance to flip burgers too.

Now, when I first started studying architecture, and during the time I was trying to apply for the job, I used to have a dream that I will get to design a commercial building with green belts, water feature and open planning (open planning planned so thoroughly that it catches wind and tak panas) layout and contribute a lot to decreasing the concrete jungle effect we have in the city WITHOUT having to care about the petty design of authority matters and BQ and whatnot. And instead of poring over BQ so thick that it makes the dictionary of some language with the most vocabs looks like some tatty paperback novels, to make sure that the drawing and the contract is tallied (like I did all day today) I thought I would get to design building and meet the clients to discuss their wants and needs and do one of those power handshakes u often see in the movies.

But no, as the white guy said, you gotta flip the burger before moving on to cabbage duties.

So here I am flip-flip-flippin, hoping to one day move on to cabbage duties, or better still, shake and soft drinks duties.

p.s to self: Sabar ska. You will get there eventually. Meanwhile keep on flipping those patties, at least you are not mopping floors. baby steps mon-cherrie.

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