Monday, March 1, 2010

tom tom bak

so during the loong weekend, i got to spend sometime with my siblings(read:arguing, fighting over the remote control, having to stand their annoying chantings of "tefetafah yafang bufusufuk", and such) and during those QUALITY time we spent together, i got to see one of the TV program yang seemed to be very popilar among them(while waiting for MY turn of hogging at the TV). tom tom bak ke apa tah cant remember. tapi at the end of the show, there are bunch of little kiddies performing lah.

and lemme tell you, it was disturbing. some little guy can really sing, and thats all and very well but the rest of them... haih. there was even this little girl, grinding and twisting and bouncing, to Shakira's my hips dont lie. call me VERY CONSERVATIVE, but i dont think it is appropriate for a girl that age to be exposed in such a way.

i also saw a little girl on youtube, dressed next to nothing, dancing to Beyonce's All the single lady, smacking her own behind. it was disturbinggggggg. sheesh! a child should never ever be exposed in such a way. you dont know who might be watching. not only that, kids these days, seem to be in such a hurry to grow up. they wear midriff baring little t-shirts and low cut jeans, clutching on their little cellphones like their lives depended on it, with their heels on, talking about diets. kiddies let kakak tell you, its so not fun to grow up.

Back to the Tom Tom Bak issue, for a child wanting to be on TV gaining fame and recognition is also rather disturbing. where had gone the time when all a kid wanted to do was to main masak masak, and to climb a tree, and to main hujan and main longkang? it certainly says something about our culture now doesnt it? the culture where fame and recognition is considered as success, where celebrities are worshiped, where entering a reality show is a fast track to success.

the children are our future. Now, do we really need a future where superficial and material things are everything? where what's outside is more important than what's inside? This being-famous-is-so-awesome thing has been glamorized by the media, and hence the impact(or shall i say damage?) is further increased.

i know full well that a child's interests shouldn't be suppressed, so if my children express interest in music, i'll go all Debussy, Beethoven and Chopin on them.

Let children be children, or at least, if they are in a hurry to grow up, grow them into a non-shallow adults.


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