Monday, March 15, 2010

Today is the day of frustration.

So anyway, I went to this website where u get to chat with some random anonymous stranger. And this stranger gave me a tip that may or may not be true, and if it is, then it might save peoples' lives. When I told bunch of people about this they won't listen. Ala ala cerita The Eye where that blind-not blind-whoops!blind again girl tried to warn everyone that disaster is coming. They ridiculed my concern. Sheesh!

So, when no one would listen to me, I went to this er, government body(?)yang would. Yeah they listened alright. BUT they think they are incapable of handling such big issues, and advised me to drive over to their head office. Oh and they appreciated my effort. Like that freaking matters.

Why is it so hard to save people's life? Why do people have to be cynical about such important things(not that ud know what I'm talking about. Tapi I'm just really frustrated and I need to write)? Its a matter of safety for crying out loud!! Sure it may not happen, but that's just it with uncertainty isn't it? The possibility of both are pretty much the same. So why take chances with matters of such great importance?

So say, if "sparks fly tomorrow" please don't blame me. I did all I could to prevent it from happening.

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