Friday, March 19, 2010


no, bukan habis dijual. itu Sold out.

so im a junior architect in a local architectural firm, and i design buildings. kind of like that Ted Mosby the architect in HIMYM.

remember that episode where he had to design the Goliath National Bank's Head Quarter and he came up with a very airy building with "home away from home" concept, and barney's boss/co-worker Wilson (or something) crushed the idea since he'd rather have a building so dark and depressing so that the workers wouldn't think about home?

and so, Ted had to compromise and concede because after all, what the clients want, the clients get.

but it really conflicts with his principles since, after all an architecture is a shelter. and how it is designed affect the occupants' psychological being greatly. and if an architect were to come up with a poorly designed building, the occupants of the building will suffer from the "building pathology syndrome" which by the way includes severe case of depression and melancholy. but he has to go ahead and design it anyway as it is what the clients want. oh and it is also his bread and butter.(ni semua guesswork. hahah. but he prolly feels that way)

ini ladies and gentlemen, is a classic case of selling out. like what you probably see in art scene (tapi good thing is these days indie artists(bless them) are the 'in' thing, so tak banyak lah selling out yang happen among them). say, Yusof Haslam and that douche of a son he has for example. mungkin they have some incredible idea cooking up inside their heads, a movie about prejudice and racial integration with a tragic ending where everybody dies(ok prolly im just giving them too much credits, but who knows la kan?), but no, who would watch that? so what do they do? they come up with movies people(not me) would watch. something with a tajuk that starts with "cinta" and throw in some big stars into the whole concoction of the god forsaken movie, and voila! box office. or a movie about some social ilness. like rempit, bohsia, and maybe someday, about OraNG yAng sUKa TulIS lIKe Thi$$$. what they do is, they rot our brains when they can stimulate it beause it brings in more money, as apparently people like to rot their brains, and would pay good money to do so.

ini juga namanya selling out. atau just plain stupidity(which i suspect is the case with those two).

selling out also happen to commoner. someone who, lets say, designed a building with 85% efficiency, but swapped it to a design with only 81% efficiency because her clients prefer it that way. or ignores the GBI (Green Building Index) because it brings in more money that way.

like me. :(


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