Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Robin : i must say there's something admirable about the way Barney wants to stay young at heart. i mean, who wants to get old?

Ted: THIS GUY(points to himself). Robin, life is a meal, and old age the desert. i spend so much time worrying about the future. where's my carrier going? who am i gonna marry? but when you're old, you dont worry because all that stuff has already happened. plus, you get to wear comfy shoes and a chair takes you up and down the stairs. its perfect.
- a dialogue from HIMYM

dude, i so sometimes agree with you.

yesterday i caught myself nagging to my little brother "study hard, get into a good school" plus some usual stuff our mums used to nag about but we wont listen to back then. then, i get to thinking. whats all this for? we get ourselves ready for the future since the wee age of say, 6? and for what? so we can make a lot of money? so we can have a better living?

some people even planned for their babies to get into the best nursery school even before the baby was born so that it will guarantee the unborn baby a place at the best school, and later the best higher institution. kinda makes you ask yourself why we were born doesn't it? well, if you think it like that no doubt, you will feel all lost, and helpless, and purposeless. you're gonna get to think "all this effort.. just to guarantee a good living before we die. then whats the purpose of even being born?" (ok,you there! pls jangan depress. put down that knife ur holding at ur wrist)

well, i thought this out and i say we were born for the journey. have you read "5 people you meet in heaven"(tak ingat sangat the tajuk but its by Mitch Albom. i lagi prefer Tuesdays with Morris though. ok lari topic.)? the story is pretty much about the people in our lives whom we've met throughout our lives. not necessarily a close acquaintance. could be just some stranger who passed you by the street who touched you(not physically) and makes you think and shape u as a person or at least alter that thread of fate by just being in contact with you. because future is in fact just series of actions and consequences which depends greatly on the people we are in contact with.(ok apa i nak cakap tadi? i rasa dah nak masuk to the realms of time and space and einstein and his theory of how time travel is possible but i dont think it is because there are like a universe of could be's and couldnt be's basing on the choices we make everyday.ok tu post lain nanti. where was i? *sheesh my SAD is out of control* oh yeah. journey)

so as much as i sometimes just want to press forward, skip the journey and just get to the end of the story, i think it is important for us to enjoy and suffer whatever it is that we need to go through in life, and fulfill our responsibilities to make this world a better place for others. for we live in this world to benefit others, and from others. and put in mind that we touch people on our way to the end, so lets make sure that the impact we're leaving from that touch is the positive ones. :)


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