Wednesday, March 17, 2010

future.(im a control freak, i feel that it is of a great importance to plan beforehand)

so i'll be turning 24 this year. and (hopefully), i'll be flying off to the UK to get my masters. which will take about 1 year. so by the time i finish the course, i'll be 25. thats about the time when my other half finishes his studies too.

and we decided that perhaps it is best for us to get a job in the UK first, u know add a new country to the list of countries we've lived in(that will be 2 for him 4 for me. i win!). gain new experience, meet new people, learn other cultures and ways of life and stuff. im sure it will be an eye-opening, horizon broadening experience.

and i know for a fact that both my parents would want me to get married in a ceremony so grand ala queen's oom pah pah ball(kalau ikutkan hati i'd rather just get married in a mosque and be done with it. very economical). so to get money for that(i at least would like to chip in for my wedding, otherwise id make my husband-to-be look like a moron. no make that a cheapskate moron), we're gonna have to work for at least a year(still, if we saved 1k per month, we'll still end up with only 12k each. cukup ke?). so if things go well, i'll be 26 by the time i get married.

and no babies until 1 year later, because i think it is extremely important to provide a stable(bukan kandang kuda) life for the baby. so that's 1 year's worth of cari permanent adress, buy a car, and settling down.

so i'll be 27 by the time i have a baby growing inside my tummy, and give 9 months, by the time my baby is born, i will be 28. and that is the best case scenario. what if things go wrong? being a pessimist, i always assume that things go wrong because that way, i will know the turn out will be good, or at least expected. so lets add one year to the list to allow any messing up to happen.

so the grand number would be *drum rolls* 29 years of age!!! *gasp* lama nya.
i mean look at them..

yes, i know, they will be a shade or two darker. they will be beautiful all the same!

and look at these cute socks!

and this baby suit

and baby mittens.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. how can i wait that looong?????

im sorry, i have to end this entry on that note. im coming down with a baby fever.

p.s: sayang, u better get rich. and fast!


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