Saturday, February 20, 2010


(-_-") haih. my inner demon broke free again. i swear i dah put it on a leash. i went all "whoaaaa down girl!!! down!", to no avail.

it is really Really REALLY hard for me not to retaliate. i do not like people thinking they are more superior than me. not that i think that i am more superior than them. just i cant stand the idea of people biting me off and me not biting back, for me that is a sign of weakness. i might be mistaken. but that is me. and i've been putting a leash (electric collar and all) on my demon, i tried really hard to not retaliate tapi tak berjaya. haish.

one example was when theres this girl, putting up a picture similar to mine and one of her uh...supporter (?) saying things like her picture was "better than...."(then i assumed mine). then i terasa. hahahhaha. whatever. how can i not be?

so i retaliated. i put up my picture(the one yang agak similar tu), and told my bestfriend the cerita. being my bestie that she is, she commented on my picture "well awak two thumbs up. better than....." (she lets her inner demon roams free btw). and i puas hati.

i dont know why i cant just let it go. and why i find it necessary to stoop to their level(s). its too high school for the sake of all that's pure. too Blair Waldorf.

i just (somehow always)feel the need to strike back. the plotting and scheming is too much of a pull for me.

im so sending my inner demon to military school. *sigh*

p.s: to those yang terasa, sorry.

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