Thursday, February 4, 2010

of hermit and blackberry

My sayang had kindly bought me a blackberry for the connections reasons. and now I've turned into a hermit.
Well, its not like I wasn't one before. I definitly was. Just that, this Blackberry had turned me into a hermit zombie or something, I'm in a whole new level of hermitness.

First of all, there's auto facebook, ym, email update. So that's one contact with other homo sapiens crossed out.

Then there's unlimitted internet service. As a hermit as I am, when I'm bored I initiate contact with other homo sapiens, pg minum or something, but with internet access, I can do whatever the hell I want. I can read novels, comic (reading nana now), download music, and such.

And hence my human contact is further reduced n my personal space bubble is further expanded.

And now I'm updating my blog on bb. Nais. :D

All for the cost of rm 200 per month. Totally worth it!

Sayang, I think BB brings more harm than good to me. But hell I love it!!!


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