Sunday, February 7, 2010

language snob.

im such a language snob, i have a lot of problem with how people abuse it, and by god, it irritates me sangat to the point that i come up with an entry with a list of why dos.


-people like to add excessive unnecessary alphabet at the end of a word?
eg: girlZZZ, kerr, larh, Apew and such

-people like to come up with what they think as a more creative way of spelling?
eg:"skunk" for "sekarang", "neyh" for "ini", "gurlz" for "girls" and such

-people like to hold the shift key and release it repeatedly when they write a sentence?
eg: WhY dO PeoPlE LikE tO HolD THe ShIFt KEy AnD ReLeaSe It RepeTeAdly ThEY WRiTe a SenTencE?

-people like to add symbols like **** or ~~~~ or the combination of both in a sentence?
eg: ~~~hi!~~~, **hi!!***, ~~~**hi!!**~~

-people like to replace the alphabet "o" with the number "0"
eg: hell0000, n0, it d0esn't b0ther me.

-people like to replace the alphabet "u" with the alphabet "o"
eg: takot instead of takut, pon instead of pun,

and worst of all,

-why do people like to combine all the above points, and come up with a sentence so irritating? why? why? why?? why do people do that?

but then again, perhaps, these things don't irritate normal people as much as they really irritate a weird, language snob who is also a control freak who puts monica from-FRIENDS's freakines to shame. like me.


  1. if it makes u feel any better, it annoys the hell out of me too. ;)

    its frigging hard to read kan? i mean, why do they even bother. sheesh.

    oh, and hello! :)

  2. i know right?? and not only that, it's hard to write too. believe me, i tried. LOL.

    and hello too! :)


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