Friday, February 12, 2010

a cover story

this is a story of the first few months i covered up (hence the tajuk, i tak conceited sangat la kan nak bajet what i do is a cover story)

ok so anyway, two or three friends of mine asked me why i decided to cover up, most of them asked Lydia (so sorry for the trouble i have no idea why they didnt just ask me haha, but then again im a hermit, i never leave my cave, so perhaps they dont see me, so they had to ask u. haha), and the rest made their own assumptions.

one of the most outrageous version i heard was "oh she's just trying to get my attention"-unknown lame guy. uhhuh, sure guy.

while the most common being, "oh, she's getting married soon". yeah fat chance.

i dont even understand the link there. like in a word association games:

"if hat is to head and glove is to hand, hijjab is to..?" and people say marriage. like?? apakah? dont get it. wont ever get it.(bad example kan? haha)

some of them seem genuinely happy for me. and some are just plain cynical. like "tak lama lah tu", funny thing is, those who say it are those who dont know me that well. so i just go like "yeah okay, uhhuh, uhhuh, yeahhhh (insert name here) i dont really care" i have more important things to do than care about ppl perceptions. like count the pebbles in my backyard. or trying to guess what the clouds resembles. or figuring out the tones of grass or something. but i have to admit, one time too many, and it starts to annoy me. its like people are waiting for you to mess up. ah well, thats just life i guess.

so anyway, some people tell me that dah pakai tudung ni i should dress up more stylishly. like "pakai tudung tak semestinya jadi macam makcik"- anonymous male friend. wow, thanks friend. okay. sure on the surface being stylish is nice. but im a firm believer in its-whats-inside-that-counts theory. no, dont get me wrong, i dont leave the house in track bottoms or anything like that (no wait, i do, at night. but i get in and out of the car cepat2)and i do care about what i wear juga. but its not to the point that i have to make sure im presentable ALL the time. that i have to keep up with the current trend and keep my wardrobe updated once a month. i do believe that you are not what u wear. u might be all stylish and CURRENT. but that doesnt really confirm that you have an equally CURRENT state of mind. and no, this is not me justifying my lack of interest in shopping and updating my wardrobe. its just as i had stated above im a firm believer that what's going on inside your head is more important than what you wear. and oh alright! i malas pergi shopping. as for now im very comfortable wearing jubah. very hassle free and airy.:D

and anyway, its really hard o look for the right kind of shirt u know. its either a boddy hugging long sleeved shirt, or a loose fitting tank top. or an overly expensive long sleeved loose fitting shirt. now that im getting my own money, i feel bad asking my mum for goodies unless she's offering, so a lot of those things arent in within my financial limits. and i really REALLY dont like shopping in times square. always very crowded. and why should i go thru the hassle and bussle to just shut people up?

oh hey, i think i have come up with a great solution! i'll give the next people who gives me the piss that im not dressed up accordingly, a list of thing to buy and some money to buy it. oh i'll get one of those lookbook looklet thing where you can dress up your model and come up with your own style.

here go look for something like this. cheers!

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  1. hey~hoo~goodluck sekar!berusahalah!jgn peduli all negative perception about what you do~hehehe


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