Monday, February 15, 2010

CFA. (control freak anonymous)

hi everyone, im ska (chorus: hiiii skaaaa)

i've been a control freak ever since i can remember, but i have only realized it several months back. i notice that it is exceptionally hard for me to let loose.

i realized that i was a control freak when these symptoms begins to surface. the symptoms being:

- when i plan, i plan with military precisions.

- i raise hell and raze things to the ground when things dont go according to plan.

- i freak big time when i run even 3 minutes late.

- i dont drink or do drugs because i do not like losing control of my thoughts.

- i must know what goes on or what will go on beforehand, to plan.

- im preoccupied with negligible details.

- it is exceptionally hard for me to refrain myself from not having the last word in
an argument.

- i dont really fancy window shopping because i must first know what im looking for
to shop.

- it is hard for me to go shopping because im too particular of what im looking for.
and if i dont find the things i had i mind, i dont buy.

- im an architecture student, and in designing building, im only comfortable when my design is of a symmetrical design.(ok thats bordering on OCD but.. ah well..)

so there it is everyone. im a control freak. see u next week.
(claps from CFA members)

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