Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tiap hari sayang

masih stress. so here comes another post.

boyfie's so far away in UK. but i know he thinks of me often. wanna know why?

yes, that's moi. picture was taken before pakai tudung and while masih super vain. so anyway, he puts this as his wallpaper in his phone. and THIS picture was taken when he was touring europe. apparently he was in Scandinavia so its Ska in SKAndinavia. dry humour. ha-ha. ok.

so anyway, hari hari tgk my face yang dah di photoshop enhanced ni, mesti lah he thinks of me at least once a day kan? masa nak tgk jam for example.

so he wont forget me.

so ladies, sila letak muka sebesar besar alam di handphone boyfie. it serves many purposes. from warding off perempuan perempuan yang tidak diingini, to reminding/deluding(sbb photoshop enhanced) him on how good u look so he wont cari perempuan lain.

oh ada lagi satu purpose. to put a mark of "psychotic, paranoid, extremely jealous, possibly dangerous, severely mentally disturbed girlfriend" smack in the middle of ur forehead.

dah tu je.


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