Sunday, January 3, 2010

This post is dedicated to Ayen.


Sure everybody celebrates birthdays. But have we ever stopped to think what that date really means? It symbolizes the year of our lives. The year we have lived.
Have you ever woken up in the morning of your birthday, finding yourself staring at the ceiling, with dreadful realizations that you are where you are and at your age, and have achieved nothing?

I have.

I have always wanted to achieve a lot of thing. I wanted to join the peace corp., the UN, volunteer for the poor/elderly and boy I can tell you the list goes on and on. And yes, I must say it is easier said than done. And so far, I have yet to achieve any of the above. I certainly stare at the ceiling with a terrifying comprehension that I’m, well, ordinary. I have nothing to offer to make the world a better place. I have contributed nothing to the society. And I certainly have no secret mission at the secret lab to come up with a secret formula which will stop global warming or nuclear war.

And with that realization, it dawned on me that birthday is more than just candles and cakes. More than just celebrations. More than just presents and wishes.
Birthday to me is a time to look back, to see time you’ve wasted, and time you’re never getting back.

Birthday to me is a time to look forward, to see your goal and to set the path you are going to thread on.

Birthday to me is a time to look up, to see that there are people way better than you, so you would stay humble and motivated.

Birthday to me is a time to look down, to see that there are people who are less fortunate than you are, so you would be grateful of what you have.


Birthday to me is a time to look at yourself, a self reflection, to see who you’ve become.

So let us stop and look around us, open our eyes, and start our first of the many steps of OUR new year.

Happy Birthday. :)


p.s: a friend told me that our birthday also means the day our mothers gave birth to us, the day she spent hours and hours in labour and pain to bring us to this world. So in many ways, I think it is more to THEIR day than ours. But that’s just me. All the same, don’t forget to thank your mother. :)


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