Saturday, January 16, 2010

of edward cullen, obsession, and hatred.

Why would people hate Edward Cullen? I mean Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattison.
If it were The Jonas Brothers they were dissing, I’d totally get where its coming from. They can’t sing, they are not that good looking, and yet you hear their voices and faces all over the place, esp. those with 7-9 yrs old daughter/sister.

But Edward Cullen?? Seriously I don’t get the whole dissing thing. For one, he is a fictional character. Being obsessed with one is completely normal, I mean, the feelings come from wishing that that kind of people exist. But hating fictional character is agak weird. Unless it’s the Crazy Frog. But then again, that’s probably because he keeps on “ding-ding” ing, and is butt naked.

But Edward Cullen is gorgeous. Far from naked. We don’t hear him “ding-ding”-ing on the radio, and he hasn’t got helmet on his head.

Second point would be, he’s almost perfect, I mean other than the fact that he looks like he just took a glitter bath under the sunlight (blame Stephanie Meyer)

Ok lets list down the comparison between normal human boy and Edward Cullen. Ok im over analyzing but I’m analytical. Who cares.

So there it is ppl. Reasons to be obsessed about Edward Cullen, and to be married to him on Facebook like yours truly. Haha. Im lame I know. I suka. Takpe lah.

Male sp. yang tak suka, korang jealous eh? or perhaps saja saja je tak suka so that u seem different from the rest of us yang suka padahal bilik penuh with poster Robert Pattison, and wallpaper computer pun sama.

Dah I nak go baca twilight balik. Ta.

*LYDD!! Sep sikit!!

p.s: Adam, the normal human boy trait does not apply to you. You’re better than Edward Cullen. No, seriously. ;)


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