Saturday, January 30, 2010

disney princess

ok ini namanya takde kerja. but whatever.

a while ago my junior (who is a fellow disney freak) posted a poll on fb, aking us which disney character we'd wanna be. i answered Belle for the reason that she has direct access to a frigging huge library. tapi now when my ke-FREAK-an datang balik, i ponder ponder balik the answer and i compare all the disney characters' characteristics and i came up with long winded answer.

very funny characters. love them a lot. prolly my favourite characters, tapi those characters are animals. gila tak gorgeous nak jadi animal. so lets focus on the princesses.

2. ROSE from Sleeping Beauty.
agak typical dumb blonde. and too much of a wimp. tidur tau tau ada prince nak save. too damsel in distress. stress i tgk. tak suka.

3. CINDERELLA from Cinderella
tak rasa dia ni agak nutcase ke? kawan with mouse and birds. siap jahitkan baju semua. and sangat shallow. nampak money and looks (the prince) terus fall in love. padahal tak kenal pun. stress juga tgk. and perasan tak? te prince married her sbb shes the only person yang can fit kasut tu. lame. and size kakai yg pelik.

4. SNOW WHITE from Snow White.
sangat depend on men. remember the song "some day my prince will come?". and kiss sekali terus nak kawin. stress juga tengok.

5. POCAHONTAS from Pocahontas.
now we're talking! courageous. very down to earth. clever. tak terus fall in love, philosophical (remember the song colours of the wind? oh sangat lah beautiful). tapi im not a big fan of the location,and i wouldnt wanna live in the jungle, so yeah. not pocahontas.

6. JASMINE from Aladdin.
ni pun ok. pretty, funny dad, smart, down to earth, courageous. tapi the location panas and aladdin is not that good looking. so not Jasmine either. though the magic carpet ride and geany's companion agak tempting.

7.ARIEL from Little Mermaid.
pun ok juga. at least not a dumb blonde yang tak tau apa apa. at least ada that sense of curiosity although she thinks that a fork is for brushing hair. tapi anak live in two worlds. mcm katak. and too reckless sanggup give suara to Ursulla. and menyusahkan hidup King Neptune sbb bring war to the kingdom(i tak ingat sangat but thats as far as i can remember).

8.MULAN from Mulan
ha. this one is a close second to Belle. very smart and courageous. not a wimp. does not fall for mere looks or money. has Wu Shu on her side. oh love love love!! but i dont wanna go through too much before reaching the happy ending. like having to defeat the HUNS. oh no. penat. and the prince agak kurang in the looks department. i prefer blue eyed prince.


9. BELLE from Beauty and the Beast
ok she's like the best choice.
- knowledgeable because she reads a lot when the rest of the villagers tak consider it important to read.
- tak fall for merely looks or she'd have married Gastone.
- beautiful and according to one villager yang tengah potong rambut "her looks has got no parallel"
- chooses personality over looks/money. she fell for the Beast because she "saw something that wasn't there before"
- courageous and loyal. saves father through self sacrifice.
- good location. 4 seasons. big palace to live in.
- very handsome prince after the transformation.
- effing huge library!!!!
- very nice palace staffs. mrs. Pot, Lumierre etc. like like!!

ok that's all. needed to get it out of my system. now im off to analyze Harry Potter's characters. :D


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