Friday, January 15, 2010


i have been thinking a lot. you know, what my priorities in life are.

to be rich or to be in the position of power.

thing is, if im rich, i'll probably be powerful. money is power, as much as we hate to admit it. i can be a puppet master and sneakily manipulate people around, and they will be eating out of my palm *cruella de-ville laughs here*. (ok gila niat tak semenggah but whatever)

and if i were in the position of power, these nitwit rich people akan have to respect me because i have the authority to approve the things that will make them richer. so i will be like, in a way, puppet master juga, having rich peoples wrapped around my little fingers.

or perhaps, screw all of the above, i'll just live my life without the pressure of having to be all of the above and be happy.

oh so many options to choose from.

eeny meeny miney mo.


  1. high power,high responsible mah...note that,hehe...

    ps: i wanna have a low-profile life,but at the same time i have respect!hehehe...

  2. dont we all want that? haha.

  3. gagaga~~~not at all!kalau tak xdela certain ppl so crazy with glam life!hate show off!


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