Saturday, January 30, 2010

disney princess

ok ini namanya takde kerja. but whatever.

a while ago my junior (who is a fellow disney freak) posted a poll on fb, aking us which disney character we'd wanna be. i answered Belle for the reason that she has direct access to a frigging huge library. tapi now when my ke-FREAK-an datang balik, i ponder ponder balik the answer and i compare all the disney characters' characteristics and i came up with long winded answer.

very funny characters. love them a lot. prolly my favourite characters, tapi those characters are animals. gila tak gorgeous nak jadi animal. so lets focus on the princesses.

2. ROSE from Sleeping Beauty.
agak typical dumb blonde. and too much of a wimp. tidur tau tau ada prince nak save. too damsel in distress. stress i tgk. tak suka.

3. CINDERELLA from Cinderella
tak rasa dia ni agak nutcase ke? kawan with mouse and birds. siap jahitkan baju semua. and sangat shallow. nampak money and looks (the prince) terus fall in love. padahal tak kenal pun. stress juga tgk. and perasan tak? te prince married her sbb shes the only person yang can fit kasut tu. lame. and size kakai yg pelik.

4. SNOW WHITE from Snow White.
sangat depend on men. remember the song "some day my prince will come?". and kiss sekali terus nak kawin. stress juga tengok.

5. POCAHONTAS from Pocahontas.
now we're talking! courageous. very down to earth. clever. tak terus fall in love, philosophical (remember the song colours of the wind? oh sangat lah beautiful). tapi im not a big fan of the location,and i wouldnt wanna live in the jungle, so yeah. not pocahontas.

6. JASMINE from Aladdin.
ni pun ok. pretty, funny dad, smart, down to earth, courageous. tapi the location panas and aladdin is not that good looking. so not Jasmine either. though the magic carpet ride and geany's companion agak tempting.

7.ARIEL from Little Mermaid.
pun ok juga. at least not a dumb blonde yang tak tau apa apa. at least ada that sense of curiosity although she thinks that a fork is for brushing hair. tapi anak live in two worlds. mcm katak. and too reckless sanggup give suara to Ursulla. and menyusahkan hidup King Neptune sbb bring war to the kingdom(i tak ingat sangat but thats as far as i can remember).

8.MULAN from Mulan
ha. this one is a close second to Belle. very smart and courageous. not a wimp. does not fall for mere looks or money. has Wu Shu on her side. oh love love love!! but i dont wanna go through too much before reaching the happy ending. like having to defeat the HUNS. oh no. penat. and the prince agak kurang in the looks department. i prefer blue eyed prince.


9. BELLE from Beauty and the Beast
ok she's like the best choice.
- knowledgeable because she reads a lot when the rest of the villagers tak consider it important to read.
- tak fall for merely looks or she'd have married Gastone.
- beautiful and according to one villager yang tengah potong rambut "her looks has got no parallel"
- chooses personality over looks/money. she fell for the Beast because she "saw something that wasn't there before"
- courageous and loyal. saves father through self sacrifice.
- good location. 4 seasons. big palace to live in.
- very handsome prince after the transformation.
- effing huge library!!!!
- very nice palace staffs. mrs. Pot, Lumierre etc. like like!!

ok that's all. needed to get it out of my system. now im off to analyze Harry Potter's characters. :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

nama anak

______________this is "wind" in japanese kanji_______________

i mcm sial. im blogging at work. haha. why? because i can. :D

ok so a while ago me n boyfie talked about what to name our children. i chose savannah, saharah, and samarra(no h sbb nanti kalau dah besar ppl akan take a piss out of her name ejek ejek "marahh!! marahhh!!" sheesh budak budak takde imagination langsung, i, on the other hand is so full of imagination sampai i think of these stuffs and lari topic)

ok so anyway, my boyfie is weird and he opted for names like "hot arrid" and "cold arrid" sbb mine nama climate dia pun nak climate juga. haish. and some translated chinese name like the fast thunder warrior or something as outrageous. haih. so anyway, i was listening to mulan's "i'll make a man out of u" song(thanks to Nabilah nordin) and i notice something(other than the fact that it is an extremely beautiful song. theres bunch of my-boyfriend-would-absolutely-choose-this-as-nama-anak names. lyric is as follows; yang capital letter tu the my-boyfriend-would-absolutely-choose-this-as-nama-anak names. enjoy picking sayang.(and no sayang, i wont let u use any of the ones u chose. :))

Let´s get down to business
to defeat the Huns!
Did they send me daughters
when i asked for sons?
You´re the saddest bunch i ever met
and you can bet before we're through
mister, I´ll make a man out of you!

once you find your center
you are sure to win
you´re a spineless pale pathetic lot
and you haven´t got a clue
somehow i´ll make a man out of you

i´m never gonna catch my breath
say goodbye to those who knew me
boy was i a fool in school for cutting gym
this guys got ´em scared to death
hope he doesn´t see right through me
now i really wish that i knew how to swim

Be a man
we must be swift as a coursing river
Be a man
with all the force of a great typhoon
Be a man
with all the strength as a raging fire
mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Time is racing t´ward us
till the huns arrive
heed my every order
and you might survive
you´re not suited for the RAGE OF WAR
so pack up go home your through
how could i make a man out of you

Be a man
Be a man
Be a man
mysterious as the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON

Thursday, January 21, 2010

dear God,

please forgive me.

in time of hardship i should be begging for your mercy.

asking for strength from you.

instead of turning my back on you.

i bow before thee, God, as your humble slave.

for You are the most gracious. most merciful.

and me,a lowly wretched human.




lone wolf

this is my lowest point.

i have never felt so alone in my life.

like everybody's turned their backs on me.

like no one's on ur side.

like only one side of the story is heard.

like when u cry alone at night no one can hear you.

like even when they heard, they wouldn't care.

oh wait, i have.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

tiap hari sayang

masih stress. so here comes another post.

boyfie's so far away in UK. but i know he thinks of me often. wanna know why?

yes, that's moi. picture was taken before pakai tudung and while masih super vain. so anyway, he puts this as his wallpaper in his phone. and THIS picture was taken when he was touring europe. apparently he was in Scandinavia so its Ska in SKAndinavia. dry humour. ha-ha. ok.

so anyway, hari hari tgk my face yang dah di photoshop enhanced ni, mesti lah he thinks of me at least once a day kan? masa nak tgk jam for example.

so he wont forget me.

so ladies, sila letak muka sebesar besar alam di handphone boyfie. it serves many purposes. from warding off perempuan perempuan yang tidak diingini, to reminding/deluding(sbb photoshop enhanced) him on how good u look so he wont cari perempuan lain.

oh ada lagi satu purpose. to put a mark of "psychotic, paranoid, extremely jealous, possibly dangerous, severely mentally disturbed girlfriend" smack in the middle of ur forehead.

dah tu je.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

conversation that totally made my day. and week. and month. and year.

i went shopping with my mum yesterday at KLCC. she wanted some channel lipstick, skII 2 way cake and lancome's cleanser (im eye-ing for the lancome's freebies as usual), hish org kaya betul la dia ni, so we went to the ladies department.

and guess who was there Norjumma and husband.

since the lancome's promoter was doing my face and my mum's busy trying on lipstick, i aimed a subtle kick at her calf. konon taknak be too obvious, tapi kantoi juga. hahaha. starstruck betul i ni.

"maa! norjumma"

she's sooo pretty. :)

so long story short after everything's done, we headed to Isetan to buy some sushis to take home.

so the conversation goes;

ska: ma, norjumma lawa kan?

mama: ha'ah kan.

ska: tapi kalau fikir fikir balik, muka sekar dengan dia takde la banyak difference sangat. almost the same. (i swear i said this as a joke so that my mum will suggest otherwise)

mama: tu lah. agak sama.

ska: *dumbfounded* loh piye tho? wong i said it as a joke eh, kok malah dianggap serious ki kepiye.(i speak javanese, yes) hahahahahahaha.
** translation: haha. kenapa nak anggap it serious. i said it only as a joke

mama: ha? *with muka tak faham* lha wes cen rodho sama je. kamu tu cantik lho kar.
** translation: dah memang agak sama. awak cantik lah sekar.

ska: LOLL!!!! hahahaha

im very lucky to have a mum like my mum. sangat lah confidence boosting.


____________________Yours truly________________________

oh ma, jauh panggang dari api. hahahahaha.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

of edward cullen, obsession, and hatred.

Why would people hate Edward Cullen? I mean Edward Cullen, not Robert Pattison.
If it were The Jonas Brothers they were dissing, I’d totally get where its coming from. They can’t sing, they are not that good looking, and yet you hear their voices and faces all over the place, esp. those with 7-9 yrs old daughter/sister.

But Edward Cullen?? Seriously I don’t get the whole dissing thing. For one, he is a fictional character. Being obsessed with one is completely normal, I mean, the feelings come from wishing that that kind of people exist. But hating fictional character is agak weird. Unless it’s the Crazy Frog. But then again, that’s probably because he keeps on “ding-ding” ing, and is butt naked.

But Edward Cullen is gorgeous. Far from naked. We don’t hear him “ding-ding”-ing on the radio, and he hasn’t got helmet on his head.

Second point would be, he’s almost perfect, I mean other than the fact that he looks like he just took a glitter bath under the sunlight (blame Stephanie Meyer)

Ok lets list down the comparison between normal human boy and Edward Cullen. Ok im over analyzing but I’m analytical. Who cares.

So there it is ppl. Reasons to be obsessed about Edward Cullen, and to be married to him on Facebook like yours truly. Haha. Im lame I know. I suka. Takpe lah.

Male sp. yang tak suka, korang jealous eh? or perhaps saja saja je tak suka so that u seem different from the rest of us yang suka padahal bilik penuh with poster Robert Pattison, and wallpaper computer pun sama.

Dah I nak go baca twilight balik. Ta.

*LYDD!! Sep sikit!!

p.s: Adam, the normal human boy trait does not apply to you. You’re better than Edward Cullen. No, seriously. ;)

Friday, January 15, 2010


i have been thinking a lot. you know, what my priorities in life are.

to be rich or to be in the position of power.

thing is, if im rich, i'll probably be powerful. money is power, as much as we hate to admit it. i can be a puppet master and sneakily manipulate people around, and they will be eating out of my palm *cruella de-ville laughs here*. (ok gila niat tak semenggah but whatever)

and if i were in the position of power, these nitwit rich people akan have to respect me because i have the authority to approve the things that will make them richer. so i will be like, in a way, puppet master juga, having rich peoples wrapped around my little fingers.

or perhaps, screw all of the above, i'll just live my life without the pressure of having to be all of the above and be happy.

oh so many options to choose from.

eeny meeny miney mo.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This post is dedicated to Ayen.


Sure everybody celebrates birthdays. But have we ever stopped to think what that date really means? It symbolizes the year of our lives. The year we have lived.
Have you ever woken up in the morning of your birthday, finding yourself staring at the ceiling, with dreadful realizations that you are where you are and at your age, and have achieved nothing?

I have.

I have always wanted to achieve a lot of thing. I wanted to join the peace corp., the UN, volunteer for the poor/elderly and boy I can tell you the list goes on and on. And yes, I must say it is easier said than done. And so far, I have yet to achieve any of the above. I certainly stare at the ceiling with a terrifying comprehension that I’m, well, ordinary. I have nothing to offer to make the world a better place. I have contributed nothing to the society. And I certainly have no secret mission at the secret lab to come up with a secret formula which will stop global warming or nuclear war.

And with that realization, it dawned on me that birthday is more than just candles and cakes. More than just celebrations. More than just presents and wishes.
Birthday to me is a time to look back, to see time you’ve wasted, and time you’re never getting back.

Birthday to me is a time to look forward, to see your goal and to set the path you are going to thread on.

Birthday to me is a time to look up, to see that there are people way better than you, so you would stay humble and motivated.

Birthday to me is a time to look down, to see that there are people who are less fortunate than you are, so you would be grateful of what you have.


Birthday to me is a time to look at yourself, a self reflection, to see who you’ve become.

So let us stop and look around us, open our eyes, and start our first of the many steps of OUR new year.

Happy Birthday. :)


p.s: a friend told me that our birthday also means the day our mothers gave birth to us, the day she spent hours and hours in labour and pain to bring us to this world. So in many ways, I think it is more to THEIR day than ours. But that’s just me. All the same, don’t forget to thank your mother. :)

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