Wednesday, December 16, 2009

yes ma'am

so i had to go to a meeting at the ministry of education. and i found myself feeling all inferior to all these old ministry worker. i have no clue why. i just do.

So anyway, the meeting was all about this new school my firm is designing, and basically, every change we made, be it design wise or m&e or c&s (u get the point) must be approved by the ministry board for financial purposes. I was there with my supervisor, and he had to, be all puan this puan that, u know be all polite to her(even wth the sneering slimebags being all kerek and cracking super lame uncalled-for jokes to him) because her approval means kesenangan hidup for all of us dan berjalannya projek dan kemampuan untuk membaca dan menulis bagi kanak kanak around that area (haha). tapi tak dapat pun, so we had to go to a VO meeting explaining to bunch lions why the cost for building increased, while the lions bites our innocent lambs' heads off.

this kind of demeanor eerily reminded me of a certain someone. a certain someone i know so well who has power dalam the ministry. i've always wondered why he always acts all superrior to org
org around him. and after seeing the way these people at the ministry acted during the meeting i started to see why.

they are used to being yes-ed all the time.(no, make that yes ma'am-ed/sir-ed.) so they are feeling all mighty tighty about it. they are used to getting their way.

ah.. and there i was, thinking being an architect is super cool. tsk. yeah right.

that is it. my new resolution. i wanna be yes ma'am-ed all the time. regardless of whether the yes ma'am-ed proffesion makes me rich or not, cool or not, or famous or not. hahaha.

bow down and kiss the ring!

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