Saturday, December 12, 2009

Facebook stuff ppl do that i cant quite get.(read: annoy me)

1. persistent peoples who keep on adding you though you've ignored him/her several times.

2. people whom you've never spoken to in your life and whose names you do not know who adds you.

3. status that says "good morning" with 63 or so comments saying good morning back.

4. comments that says "thanks for the add". like what the hell does that suppose to mean?? newsflash: British Council does excellent English programme.

5. Screen names like "Almari Biru" or something as pointless.(at least my lame screen name dulu ada my name).

6. said name above combined with equally pointless picture of say, football player, cartoon characters and such.

7. ppl wth point 5 and 6 who puts their profile on private who adds u up. how the hell can you tell diorg tu sapa?

8. comments like "tumpang lalu". seriously, maksudnya apa???? intention menulis such word tu apaa? is it like seret code of freemason movements that i dont know ke apa?

9. new ppl (whom u do not know) on facebook who adds you up... with an accompanying message that says : hi, im new in fb and i wanna make new fwenz, sbb tu sy add awak. **or something like that.

10. ppl who write abt stuffs above( eg: moi).so, i prolly annoy u. ngeh.


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