Thursday, December 31, 2009

dear boyfriend,

hey baby, i bet ur still touring freaking europe.

i miss you so much you have no idea. its been all mellow and gloomy since u left, and i feel so hollow inside.(which proves how we're each other's half. u took half of me with u.)

its been 4 years and im still insanely in love with you. :) im still thinking about u every 5 seconds. im still doodling your name at work. i still get all excited getting a text from you.

you're everything to me. my bestfriend, my lover, the one i cling on to, the one i swear and shout at, the one i laugh and cry with.

i love our private jokes.

i love our lame arguments over sunflower's existance(or anything equally as lame).

i love how u always have answers to my questions.

i love how u wink at me when u think no one is looking.

i love the way u treat me like im the only one that matters.

i love the way u lie to my face when u tell me im the most beautiful girl u've ever met (its sweet sayang, but come on!!)

i love the way ur always on my side.

i love how you love me unconditionally.

i love it that ur just on the border of being sickeningly sweet and at the same time on the border of being sickeningly obnoxious.

i love how on days that i hate myself u always find excuses for me not to.

i love it it that i find myself admiring you not just because ur my boyfriend, but because ur so awesome.

i love the way we can snigger and be all cynical about the same thing.

i love how u dont care about silly things most people care about.

i love how u are so sure of yourself without being cocky.

i love your wisdom, your intelligence and logic.(though i hate it when u use it against me)

most of all, i love how i find myself loving you.

love you.

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