Monday, November 9, 2009

simple bliss

do u know the feeling when ur grateful of everything u have?

i do.

well, today i went to my uni to get refference letters from my lecturers. it was raining cats and dogs, and naturally i got drenched. dahla kena panjat tangga batu caves to get to where i needed to go. umbrellas proved to be useless against the pounding rain.

so i got drenched from head to toe. dripping, i went to my friend's studio while waiting for the lecturer to call me. studio was really chilly because, as the norm is, the studio air cond was on full blast. and i have to tell u wet clingy clothes and shoes are on my top list of "uncomfortable" stuff. (yeah, surpassing being in a room with a bitter ex.)

in my wet, super chilled clothes, i went to see Dr Norhati(thanks a lot ma'am!! :)), and got my letters, only to have to face the rain and thousands of little puddles again on the way back to the car.

on top of everything else, i was stuck in a traffic jam. and i couldnt turn off the car's air cond because my car - bless her - is very old, and will fog up easily, so there i was, stuck in a trafic jam, in dripping wet clothes and shoes, in a car which temperature was equivalent to the inside of a fridge.

my teeth was basically chitter chatterin.

when i got home an hour or so later, i just concluded, that all in all it was a hard day.

then i took a piping hot shower, put on my warm PJs, and made myself a hot mug of tea.

and you know what? something magical happened, with the sound of pounding rain outside, and me warm and dry inside, im grateful of what i had to go through. because, it made me totally happy of what i have. even if it exist in the form of access to hot water and dry clothes and a roof over my head.

im very grateful that i had to go through what i went through because at the end of the day, God made me see that i took a lot of things for granted.

and that this is a simple bliss that i will try not to take for granted. :)

Love u Allah. :)


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