Saturday, November 7, 2009

no pain no gain

ah.. my blog is les pathetique. tres les pathetique.

hahaha. the last time i wrote was like 2 mths ago. anyway, ive been sooo busy. not that busy. im just a nerve wrack. so to bring you up to date. so i scored big time in IELTS ( i swear its all God's doing. the questions semua i can relate to..). got my portfolio done. got a job. with a really nice boss. got my essay done. sent my application for scholarship. so the only thing left to do is well, portfolio to be sent for universities. and personal statement.

so here we go. checklist again.

-reference letter
-scholarship application/essay

-artwork for portfolio
-buat lampu.
-personal statement.
-scan dissertation.

ok. quite a lot. need to work again.

go!!! go!! go!!!

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