Sunday, October 4, 2009


ok my head is rather in a jumble state right now. i can see my brain twisting and knotting all weirdly. i have one too many concerns n i cant seem to figure out which to solve first. so maybe writing a check list is a good solution. here goes.


-scoring big time in IELTS test to impress scholarship bodies.

-writing a killer scholarship essays to ensure getting an interview.

-portfolio to be sent to universities AND other firms.

-to get a job so that i dont get kicked out of the country.


-start writing scholarship essay also to sharpen writing skills for IELTS

-Study IELTS namely; writing charts essay and reading

-re-designing portfolio.(ONLY 3 DAYS PER

-send applications to unis.

-send applications for job interviews. preferably firm architecture yang cikai.

-maybe start volunteering for environmental stuff so my portfolio looks impressive.

-stop facebooking.

- stop being stagnant.

excellent. now start!!!

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