Sunday, October 4, 2009


i cannot feriking write the essayyyy. im just so constantly worried that id sound like a bimbo trying to string two words together, or a schmuck sounding like a schmuck. help.


ok my head is rather in a jumble state right now. i can see my brain twisting and knotting all weirdly. i have one too many concerns n i cant seem to figure out which to solve first. so maybe writing a check list is a good solution. here goes.


-scoring big time in IELTS test to impress scholarship bodies.

-writing a killer scholarship essays to ensure getting an interview.

-portfolio to be sent to universities AND other firms.

-to get a job so that i dont get kicked out of the country.


-start writing scholarship essay also to sharpen writing skills for IELTS

-Study IELTS namely; writing charts essay and reading

-re-designing portfolio.(ONLY 3 DAYS PER

-send applications to unis.

-send applications for job interviews. preferably firm architecture yang cikai.

-maybe start volunteering for environmental stuff so my portfolio looks impressive.

-stop facebooking.

- stop being stagnant.

excellent. now start!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Calvin Klein building; a sketch up.

i cool gila. hahha. (im just living up to my "conceited" advertisement)

this is a project i did way back. when i was so into minimalist architecture(still am).

i love calvin klein's design. he's not into ruffles n that kinda riff raff. just simple classic cuts with some accentuations. and this is how i interpret just that.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

i love my phone.

it may come off as weird. but ince when have i been normal?

i have been using my phone for a while now. 2 yrs or so. n i saw a phone yang well, looks better. so anyway, i decided to buy it. and you know what? i feel so guilt stricken.

my old phone has been with me through ups and down. i think it has atleast half my soul in it.

chop- i was feeling down, n i was feeling in need of TLC from my Adam(i was calling his name dalam hati hoping that telepathy works) and poof! he baru je called. wow. talk about intuition.

so anyway. the phone has so much of my soul that i feel parting with it is gonna be so painful. so this is what i decided. im keeping my old phone in use just for contacting my bf. n the new phone to contact the rest of you. i just cant bear to even think of letting my phone go.

i love it so much, im gonna name her. she looks like an Abigail to me. so Abigail it is.

Abigail, dont you worry. im still gonna take a good care of u. im gonna make sure a lot of love(and maybe swear words during fights) flows trough you.

i love you Abigail.

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