Tuesday, September 29, 2009

long distance relationship

i was one of those people yang enjoy earth shattering romance. text messages, long phone calls. so i definly freaked when my BF got a place in Manchester uni. AND a scholarship to boost. so yeah, he definly WAS going to go.

one week leading to the final day, i have daily nervous break down. my cell phone is so tear drenched the color bertukar. i was so sure i cant make it through the first month. and sure enough as my bf boarded the plane, i literally counted down the 14 hours. and man, was it hard.

but u know what? i guess our relationship is stronger than i can ever imagine. i suppose, somehow(really, i do not know how), our relationship is built on trust. i trust him, and he trusts me too(or maybe he's just being a guy n tak kisah about it). im completely fine with the fact that he's not here. im secure with the thought that i can trust him and that when the day comes, we will be together juga, because it is what we have decided, and all we have to do is stick to it.

i dont think i can find orang lain yang as smart,funny and kind as him who can put up with my crappiness, brattiness, moodiness and still spoill me, so i might as well stick with him. (ha-ha)

so on that lame-o-supremo note, id like to finish this note. till then ta.


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